How We Can Help with Your Interim Executive, Management Consulting, and Recruiting Needs

PMC provides additional management and executive support to help your company grow and prosper. The nature of your company's need may be to get specialized skills or simply add firepower to supplement an already overstretched executive team. We supply this support in three different methodologies: Interim executives, high speed executive recruiting and traditional management consulting.  Which method is best depends on your company's needs.

An INTERIM EXECUTIVE is someone who will work full-time for your company for a limited period of time (typically three months to over a year).  The big advantage to an interim executive is that you have their undivided attention to your priorities (unlike a consultant who may work with several clients simultaneously) and both parties know that it is a temporary situation that will end at a specific time.  PMC has a sizable list of talented executives in all manner of disciplines who can help you reach your goals.

Example Uses for an Interim Executive
TurnaroundsSpecial Assignments Project Management
Coverage During Leaves of Absence "Rent to Own" Specialized Skills
... and Many More

A MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT (or team of consultants) takes on an agreed upon project or deliverable at an agreed upon price.  Consulting is more appropriate for projects that do not require someone full-time or for which a number of specialized skills might be needed.  PMC can evaluate your project and put together the right team for the job.

Example Uses for Management Consultants
Operation ImprovementsFinancial Analysis Project Management
Small Business Issues Human Resource Improvements Specialized Skills
Open New Markets or Distribution Channels
... and Many More

RECRUITING is appropriate when the need is more long term or expected to be permanent.  Some of our clients "Rent to Own", bringing someone in as an interim executive intending to hire them permanently if the expected need arises and they are satisfied with their performance and/or company fit.  PMC's recruiting has grown out of our Interim Executive operation where we have a reputation of getting quality people very quickly.

Example Recruiting Opportunities
Chief Executive Officers Chief Financial Officers Chief Information Officers
Chief Marketing Officers Presidents Vice Presidents

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