Open Assignments and Testimonials:

Open Assignment:

sample has a client looking for new leadership. This is a temporary executive position, however it could become a permanent position if the parties work well together.

The client sells a premium service to Country Clubs. The position involves some day-to-day operational oversight, but is largely a business development position. The client is firm that the right candidate will have significant past experience with the Country Club industry, either running a Country Club or successfully selling to the industry. The ideal candidate will bring a Rolodex of contacts within the industry.  Proven ability to develop, convert and retain business in this industry is a must.

The client is located in the Southwest United States, however relocation is not required. The job will entail substantial travel.

Upfront compensation will be moderate, with a success-based opportunity for substantial reward. Interested candidates should contact Jim Hoffheimer at 954-255-8510 or Testimonials:

Gary M.

Portable Managers performed each project very professionally and the quality of their work was exceptional. They developed a good understanding of our business and they were able to provide excellent insight on the assigned projects. They were also very effective in completing the projects without any disruptions to our business. March 2009

Howard P.

Jim’s approach upon coming into the organization was to use a combination of enhanced communication, inclusive decision-making, and a calm resolve to set a new and more positive tone both within the organization and with our outside strategic partners and vendors.  He quickly became well liked and well respected both within our company and within our industry. May 2008

Theo V.

Jim Hoffheimer has worked for me as a consultant and, at other times, along side of me as a strategic partner. Jim brings a wealth of experience to any project and is able to contribute in a variety of ways and on a number of levels. He definitely brings full value to every assignment. I would be more than comfortable recommending him for any leadership or consulting position.” January 2009

Bruce G

“I have known Jim Hoffheimer for over seven years and have always valued his critical thinking skills and clear communication. He is a creative problem solver and pragmatic driver who understands strategy and also has an eye for detail. I would not hesitate to recommend Jim for a general leadership, operations, or financial management role.” February 2009

Craig H.

Jim is detailed oriented, listens well and is willing to put in the hours needed to get the job done on time! He approached life and work with a wonderful sense of humor that allows him to communicate even the most tedious or confusing issues in simple easy to understand manner in a way that you remember and can use the information. Nothing "slips through the cracks".” July 2009

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