Interim Executive Services

An INTERIM EXECUTIVE is someone who will work full-time for your company for a limited period of time (typically three months to over a year).  The big advantage to an interim executive is that you have their undivided attention to your priorities (unlike a consultant who may have several clients simultaneously) and both parties know that it is a temporary situation that will end at a specific time.  You get the skills you need, the resources you need, and you have 100% of their efforts.  PMC has a sizable list of talented executives in all manner of disciplines who can help you reach your goals.

Examples of opportunities that might be right for an Interim Executive:

  • Turnarounds.  The skills needed to turnaround a troubled company are very different from those needed to guide a healthy organization. It is also often easier for someone coming in from outside to make the difficult cuts and decisions in regards to personnel or product lines that turnarounds can demand. Bring in a turnaround professional for a short period, then look for the leader who will take the company to the next level.

  • Short term needs Business does not wait when a key executive leaves the company temporarily due to illness or pregnancy. Bring in a seasoned pro to keep key initiatives moving until your regular management employee is back in place.

  • Specialized skills.  Thinking of building a plant?  Expanding into South American Markets?  Procuring a GSA schedule to increase government sales?  Even the largest companies do not have experts in every area, since not all skills are needed on a full-time basis. Having a generalist, even a talented one, implementing a project rather than using someone with specific training and skills can be the difference between mediocre results and overwhelming success. Get the right skills at the right time.
  • "Rent to Own".  Companies often have needs in a given area but are not sure they have an ongoing position. Or they want to make sure they have the right person before making a commitment. Bring in a professional for a short term basis to clean things up and then convert them to ongoing employees if the need and fit are there.

From the PMC Files:  An educational company providing on-line and classroom programs brought in a PMC Interim Executive as an Interim COO to clean up operations and change the company culture.  Subsequently a decision was made to bring on the executive full-time and he was ultimately promoted to President.


"...immediately showed his skills as a team-builder and an effective delegator, but also demonstrated that he was more than willing to roll up his sleeves and “get in the trenches” when circumstances dictated.  His broad based background allowed him to immediately give valuable input in Finance, HR, Operations, Customer Care, Strategic Direction and indeed, throughout the company."


Learn how PMC's unique pricing and the methodology make using an Interim Executive easy and profitable.

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