Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have a good management team. Why should I bring in an Interim Executive or Management Consultant?

    Talented experts are better than talented generalists.  Also, interim managers are focused entirely on the project at hand.  Special projects can cause your management team to give inadequate attention to customers and everday assignments.
  2. Why use an Interim Executive rather than outsource the work to a company that specializes in the work needed?

    There are many projects where outsourcing is the right answer. However, other companies have many clients and your work has to compete for attention with their other customers. You must also wait for interim reports to give feedback. An Interim executive is YOUR employee and is dedicated solely to YOUR work. It gets done faster and exactly to your specifications.
  3. Why are PMC fees so much lower than a standard recruiters?

    Frankly, finding highly skilled generalists in a given discipline is easier than finding the people with the very specialized requirements (say 30 years experience in the nuclear reactor maintenance industry) that standard recruiters are commonly asked to find. Also, passing on the costs of reference and fact checking to our client's HR department saves money since we do not mark that service up.
  4. What separates PMC from the competition?

    We use a pragmatic, cost-effective approach and are keenly aware of the importance of reducing costs for our customers. Our clients know in advance how we are going to proceed and what their costs will be.

    All of our practitioners are senior executives with at least 15 years of management experience. We provide smaller and mid-size firms with expertise that normally is only available to much larger companies.
  5. How can I contact

    Our favorite question. Please
    call us at 954-255-8510 or send an email to and we will contact you within one business day.


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