Management Consulting Policies and Methodologies

PMC's policies and methodologies are based on providing the best possible service at a very competitive price.  We have also made an effort to explain here on the website before you call us what you can expect as far as pricing and the way we do business.


The nature of providing Consulting Services does not allow them to be provided on a “success” basis.  We work instead to an exceptional job in setting the deliverables so that both parties agree in advance as to the scope of the project and the associated costs.

Consulting assignments tend to fall into three categories:  hourly, retainer, or project. 

Hourly assignments are applicable when the client needs expertise on a short-term or unpredictable basis and are billed by the hour in the same way that a lawyer typically does.  Similar to a lawyer, most business is transacted by phone or email and visits to the client site are fairly rare (although not unknown).  An example might be a client that is putting together a GSA contract (General Services Administration – for selling to the Federal Government) with their own personnel, but want to get guidance from someone who has been through the process before.  Typical hourly rates run from $80-$200 per hour.

Retainer assignments are similar to hourly assignments except that the client is reasonably sure they are going to need a number of hours each week or month for some period of time.  Using the GSA example above, if the client was confident they would need 5-10 hours per week assistance they would be wise to have a retainer agreement.  The advantage to the client is that there is a significant discount from the hourly rates quoted above.

Project based consulting is easily the most common.  In these cases, PMC and the client will agree on a well-defined deliverable, normally at a set price.  Travel to client locations is common and travel expenses are reimbursed if not local.  Keeping with the GSA schedule for example purposes, the client might hire PMC to deliver an approved GSA schedule with up to a fixed number of products for a set fee.

Our Procedure works like this:


  1. Upon contact, a PMC Project Manager will begin a series of conversations and information transfers with the client to narrow down and strictly define the client’s needs.  These discussions make take place on the phone, through emails or document transfers or in person, depending on the nature of the potential assignment.  There is no fee for this process, however if travel is required, it is generally reimbursed. 

These discussions serve a dual purpose a) to allow PMC to understand the client’s needs and eventually to provide a quote and b) to allow the client a comfort level with PMC and it’s associates.

  1. If the assignment is determined to be an hourly or retainer assignment:

An associate with the proper skills will be suggested (this may or may not be the project manager) and the client will be given the opportunity to discuss the skills or knowledge needed and become comfortable that they have the correct fit.

At this point a rate will be quoted.  Once PMC and the client have agreed upon the rate, a short contract will be sent to the client for approval.  Once signed, the associate will be available as agreed upon.

PMC bills in five minute increments on a twice-monthly basis.  There are no credit terms – payment is due upon presentation of the invoice.

  1. If the assignment is determined to be a project based assignment:

A document will be drawn up for approval by the client outlining as exactly as possible the nature of the assignment.  This will generally include the number of PMC associates involved and a plan as to how the project will be completed.

Once the deliverable is agreed upon, PMC will quote a price.  Once the price is agreed upon, a short contract will be be generated, typically with the agreed upon deliverable as an attachment.  Work will begin upon signing.

The client will be billed as agreed upon in the contract.  Standard terms are to be billed twice-monthly.   There are no credit terms – payment is due upon presentation of the invoice.


A note about project consulting:

Consulting projects, by their nature, are difficult to precisely define.  “Mission creep” is a common occurrence, where additional deliverables are discovered by the client as the project moves along.  Without careful communication, disagreements can arise between clients and consultants as to what is covered under the original agreement and what should be added as an additional deliverable with an additional price as the assignment grows.  PMC works extremely closely with the client in the initial and subsequent discussions to avoid these disagreements and we are proud to say we have never been unable to come to a mutually agreeable solution with a client.  We are proud of our testimonials and are always working towards the next one.






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