Management Consulting Services

There are many situations that require outside assistance that don't fit the mold for an Interim Executive.  It might be that, although there is a three-month window to handle the work, the assignment does not require full-time efforts for three full months.  It might also be that the assignment needs skills from many disciplines and that it is unlikely that any one individual has all the skills needed.

These are the types of situations where straightforward CONSULTING is required.  Because our Interim Management business requires us to have a large stable of quality executives in many business disciplines, we can easily put together a single person or a large team as needed to handle almost any management consulting job.

Examples of opportunities that might be right for a Consulting focus:

  • Project Management.  Well run companies in the 21st Century tend to be lean. Large projects (merger due diligence, acquisitions integration, facility moves, new benefit introductions & marketing studies, just to name a few) force management to choose between focusing on the project at hand or on the crucial day-to-day tasks that make strong companies successful. Either choice invites the loss of profits. A consultant or portable manager can take on the bulk of the work of large projects and allow management to provide oversight while focusing on strategic concerns and the operation of the company

  • Process Improvement.  There is an old business saying "Everywhere you spring a leak, someone hangs a bucket".  Waste builds up in even very successful companies as they continue to use outdated techniques and/or do not find the time to evaluate methodologies or even vendors. Bring in an outsider who can see the forest AND the trees and find significant savings today!

  • Specialized skills.  Need someone with manufacturing contacts in Eastern Europe? Need a series of focus groups organized and analyzed? Hoping to procure a GSA schedule to increase government sales?  Even the largest companies do not have experts in every area, since not all skills are needed on a full-time basis. Having a generalist, even a talented one, implementing a project rather than using someone with specific training and skills can be the difference between mediocre results and overwhelming success. Get the right skills at the right time.

From the PMC Files:  A manufacturing company with plants in several states required a feasibility study on the establishment of a Maquiladora manufacturing operation on the Mexican border to supplement and/or replace existing production.


"Portable Managers performed each project very professionally and the quality of their work was exceptional.  The recommendations were very constructive regarding our opportunities as well as our ongoing manufacturing operations."


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