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PMC was founded in South Florida in 2001 to provide the business community with temporary executives and was one of the first firms to extend the idea of Interim Executives beyond accounting and turnaround management.  Our original Mission Statement:  To quickly and efficiently provide our clients with skilled, ethical, hard-working “Portable Managers” in a variety of disciplines for short-term assignments.

Since then our product offerings have grown to include business consulting and a super fast and low cost recruiting alternative.  However, the basic concept has not changed:  We bring our clients quality people, very quickly, to provide solutions in all areas of business.

Interim Executives Management Consulting Low Cost Recruiting
TurnaroundsOperations Chief Executive Officers
Special AssignmentsFinancial AnalysisChief Financial Officers
Project ManagementProject ManagementChief Information Officers
Leaves of AbsenceProfit ImprovementChief Marketing Officers
"Rent to Own"Small Business SpecialtiesPresidents
Specialized SkillsFamily BusinessesVice Presidents
...and MoreHuman Resources Directors of Human Resources
 ...and More ...and More

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